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Seeing as how all the cool people are panicking at the moment, I'm gonna do that too:


Lessee...Megumi, May, are you two alright? Seems humans have been grouped into one area and the other folks are sorta divided into other areas, so give a yell if you're around! I'm looking for you!


HOLY SHIT! I just realized today's Christmas! Damn, you start time-slipping and jumping all over different time-periods and dates, and you start forgetting about even the most obvious holidays! Though I guess I really should have been paying more attention; I figured the day was coming close, but I didn't know it was today.

At least it's a nice White Christmas! Never got snow at the right timing back in London and had grey holidays, but hey, too much snow is better than none at all! If it weren't for the fact it keeps tripping me up, of course, heh.

Ugh, 24 years old now, huh?

Megumi~♥! I think I have something for you~ May-chan, too!

[ooc; *DE-LURKS*...sorta...>_>;;; *hides*]


...Johnny, if you can read this, you're a bloody idiot.

Dammit...where are you...


Heh, looks like I'll be attending the party. How's this look, Johnny? You were always bugging me to join your crew!

The eyepatch is pretty annoying and I've nearly smacked into the doorframe already, but I think I'll get used to it quickly enough...or at least I hope so.

[ooc; I drew this before seeing Dynamo-san's picture, so it's obviously very different. :D; Pretend this is what he's actually dressed as? ^^;]


Man, it's so quiet these days, espeically since Johnny's been sleeping since the stupid trial deal and nothing crazy with the avatars been going on or anything. Though those Halloween decorations and everything look awesome~ I wonder how the party's gonna be; if they're anything like all those street lamps and stuff, it should be excellent~

Speaking of which, that party, I wonder if I should go. I wonder if Megumi's going too...oh, wait, how did I turn on that...ah, right.

[Filtered against the Triple-A]Collapse )

Gotta get Johnny's present ready then visit the ship~ I hope he's awake by now, he's going to melt into the bed if he's comatose for any longer. -_-


Man. Seriously, this city's starting to become a little disturbing. The fact that there's a curfew, even by itself's kinda ridiculous, but...slicing people in half for stepping outside? This is absurd. I'm just glad that Tiranox will be able to heal herself eventually. As opposed to uh, just being dead. Seriously...sliced in half...

On the other hand, turns out this city's a whole lot bigger than I imagined. Been running around the past few days and mapping things out, but it's a ridiculous. More like a country than a city, really. Also found a couple weapons shops that might come in handy if the avatars get too strict. A couple hiding places, places suitable for seiges...a couple places that almost looked too perfect for hideouts, really. This city's messed up whatever way you look at it.

And that police-force thing's coming up, huh? Good luck to people trying out for that. Especially since I think people would really use a group of good-guy supporters and all that.

Oh, right! Eyepatch-kid! Uh...Akito, was it? Thanks for the flower, that was real cute, heh~

[ooc; Strike-outs = hidden, but easily hackable. X3]
Like...major headache for no reason. Whut? Guess I shouldn't have had that alcohol last night, on second thought...

And why do I get this bad feeling? Like something's coming up or something....ah, it's probably just a feeling...I think...I hope.

Private to JohnnyCollapse )

Private to TiranoxCollapse )

032. ...

So the event's over, is it? It's nice to be back in my own body.

Private to I-NoCollapse )



This--what--why--...this doesn't make any sense?! AUGH, wh-why am I in someone else's body?! Plus it sure would help if, y'know, I-- him-- this body is kinda sore in the wrong places, WTF, and there's another guy in this place and I am officially freaked out, and this is so WRONG, and just--GAH!!!

H-Hey guys back at the mansion, I'm--whoever's in my body--that person, they-- don't let them do anything too dangerous, and just- stuff!

Oh man, this is so wrong...

[ooc; It's even more wrong if you imagine Leon flailing like a madman. ♥]

030. ;;;

Private to TiranoxCollapse )

I dunno, but the people arriving at this city seem to get more and more varied.

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